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Meet our best-seller Hoka Clifton 9 kids a super comfy and eco-friendly shoe made just for you. Now, let’s discuss why you should try our Hoka Clifton 9 collection.

1. Special Mesh Design:

The Clifton 9  shoe is made with high-quality and cool mesh that will provide you with an experience of feeling light while you run.

2. Tongue that Stays Put:

The tongue of the shoe is designed to stay in place, keeping dirt and small rocks out. Your feet will stay comfy and secure.

3. Recycled Polyester Lining:

The inside of the shoes is fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. By using recycled plastic bottles, we are doing our part to help the planet because we also care about the Earth.

4. Easy Pull Tab:

There is a handy pull tab at the back of the shoe which will help you to easily put the shoes. Slip them on and get ready for fun.

5. Comfy Sockliner:

The shoes also come with a special insole that will provide the next level of comfort to your feet. You will feel like walking on clouds.

6. Light and Bouncy Foam:

The form of the shoes is also very soft and bouncy providing next-level comfort. You will feel like you’re floating when you walk or run. It’s like magic for your feet.

7. Clever Rubber Design:

The shoe bottom also features a special rubber which makes it strong but not heavy. While running or playing, you will not feel any weight on your feet.

8. Tough Rubber Bottom:

The shoes also feature a strong bottom that helps to grip the ground very well. You will not slip while running on different surfaces.

9. Animal-Friendly:

Good news for animal lovers. These shoes are made without the use of any animal products. Our shoes are 100% animal friendly.

10. Recycled Materials in the Mesh:

We use materials made from recycled stuff to make the outside of these shoes. It’s like giving old materials a new life.

11. Recycled Polyester Inside:

The inside of the shoes are also made with recycled materials. We use recycled fabric in the manufacturing of shoes and make them comfy for you. This method also makes them Earth-friendly.

Feel the joy of running with the Hoka clifton 9 kids where comfort, fun, and being kind to the Earth come together for an amazing experience!

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